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The  Tactical Strength Challenge

October 26 2019
CFB Esquimalt
Time - TBD
The Tactical Strength Challenge is an event that happens every Spring and Fall. It is a great opportunity to give yourself something to train from that doesn't involve running. 
TSC Events
- 3 Attempts at a 1 Rep Max Barbell Deadlift
- Max pull-ups (women's div has a Flexed arm Hang option)
- 5 Min Kettlebell Snatch Test (Bell size depends on division)
There are a number of divisions to choose from and this event is extremely scalable to almost any ability. The atmosphere is supportive and positive and it sets your benchmark for next year. 
All Info can be found HERE 
You can register HERE  (Register for the CFB Esquimalt Location)
Register before September 23rd and get a free T-shirt! 
For more info please email us at
Hope to see you there! 
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