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The Kettlebell
The Kettlebell is a Cannon ball with a handle. It is the most versatile "weapon against weakness" ever created. Used correctly it can provide increases in Strength, Conditioning, Mobility and help you improve your body composition by igniting your metabolism.
Indian Swinging Clubs
Indian Swinging Clubs
The Indian Swinging Club has been in use for thousands of years. Traditionally used by Persian and Iranian wrestlers, this unassuming tool can; improve shoulder mobility and health, challenge your coordination, feed your brain and get your heart pumping all at the same time.  The Club is a perfect match to the Kettlebell.
While we do focus on the Kettlebell and the Swinging Club, we do employ other tools from time to time. These tools include Body Weight training, Maces and Gadas, Battle Ropes, Medicine Balls. Give the Victoria Hardstyle Kettlebell Club a try and see what you are truly capable of! 
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